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Our Autonomous Approach

A decentralized peer-to-peer system inspired by nature.


Better Security

Stateless nodes reduce hacking surface. Less human involvement means less chance for error.


More Uptime

Intelligent, self-healing cells manage workloads on the grid.


Greater Efficiencies

Lowest possible cost.
Less energy. More effective in storing data.


Endless Scalability

Can scale up to millions of nodes and can be distributed everywhere.

In addition, Autonomous IT can support strong new legal requirements (banks, GDPR, etc).

Just Two Components.

Simplicity is key. 3Bots and 3Nodes come together to create a decentralized Autonomous IT solution that works like cells in the human body.



The cells. Your digital self, deploying any IT workload you need for your digital life.

3bot are like cells, self-healing and performing specific functions to help regulate & maintain the functions of the global information system. All intelligence & info is here, like DNA.



Energy for the cells. A living grid for the 3bots.

3Nodes deliver the required energy for the 3Bots to function. The 3Nodes are distributed all around the world. A 3Node has no state it just provides low level resources (storage and compute) to the grid for the 3bots the use.


With the traditional approach scalability has been the biggest challenge.


The layers of complexity and human intervention needed simply makes it impossible to scale quickly, safely and in a cost-effective manner.


With the Autonomous approach, where all tasks are done by the 3bots (that work 24/7), complexity is non-existent.


We can scale in all directions without having to make compromises due to cost, security or It experts.

How We Make IT Autonomous

With Just Two Components



IT Experts

Gives knowledge to the 3Bots (defining the DNA of the cells).                         


Business IT Customer

Asks their 3Bot to deploy an IT workload following their requirements.
e.g. Give me an archive of 1 PB in CH, e.g. deploy a CRM for 100 users
e.g. Deploy my new banking app feature X
e.g. Deploy my artificial intelligence data mining job for


The 3Bot

Creates & Registers the “IT” smart contract in the BCDB (Blockchain Database).
This cannot be done by humans, it's too complicated


Business IT Workload Stakeholders

Check the “IT smart contract” and give their approval to reach consensus.
e.g. another IT expert checks the quality of the code
e.g. a legal guy checks GDPR
e.g. a business person checks budget


The 3Nodes

5.1 The 3Nodes checks if consensus was reached between the business stakeholders
5.2 The 3Nodes verify the validity of the smart contract and download the “IT workload definition”
5.3 The 3Nodes download the right files to execute the smart contract and each file gets verified
5.4 The 3Nodes run the required processes and runs a final signature check

Storage is the basis of everything

Classic Distributed Storage vs
ThreeFold Tech's Dispersed Storage Solution

Classic Distributed Storage

400% Overhead. 5x Bandwidth. Less secure.


In a classic IT environment, data usually gets copied at least four times, meaning there are at least four copies + the original.


These five copies usually get stored in different locations, which means the copies needs to get distributed throughout a network.


Although the data is most often encrypted, it still means a full copy of the data is spread to five locations, of which a hacker only needs one to get access to the full data.

ThreeFold Tech Dispersed Storage

Safe & Fast. Hacker Proof. Ultra Reliable. Low Overhead. Ultra Scaleable. Self-Healing.


We can look at dispersed storage like a mathematical puzzle of twenty pieces.


Data gets chopped into twenty blocks, but in a way in which you only need sixteen blocks to rebuild the data. These blocks can be saved anywhere on the grid.


So, you need to save only one copy of the total block instead of four + the original, like the traditional approach.


So, a hacker needs to be in sixteen places at once and have access codes to all sixteen nodes (read: impossible).

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